Bazzaz on track

In 2008, for the Jordan Suzuki team of Geoff May (99) with the Suzuki GSX-R1000 was used Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi with the traction control and the Z-Fi fuel control unit in both Superstock classes and Superbike.

Is essential to give the rider Geoff May due importance that it needs, in fact get 100% of the incredible power of the Suzuki GSX-R1000, is not for everyone.Geoff_Cesmat1

Using the controller Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi to control fuel, our crew has the ability, day by day, to map the May’s Suzuki to make it closer to the needs of the pilot and the characteristics of each circuit. The control unit coupled to the Z-afm fuel is like having a dyno on track. In fact allows a perfect mapping each time.

The traction control system Bazzaz provides the ability to adapt to changing conditions of the track while driving. The level of development of factory is developed on a mean value dictated on the capacities of all the pilots, but it is logical that this value can be varied at will according to requirements. The practice, qualifying and race results of Geoff May speak for themselves!


“The Bazzaz Z-Fi is a huge step forward in technology for the management of the engine of the motorcycle at a price that all our customers can afford. At KWS Motorsport engines are built to some of the best race bikes and riders all around the world and the Bazzaz Z-Fi gives us the control necessary for the development of these monsters with high performance.
The software interface is easy to use and allows to develop these engines in quickly and accurately. Optional features such as quick shift, mapping air / fuel, and traction control are a must, and add a new dimension to the electronic tools that can be used to exploit the true potential of each bike.

Team Millennium / KWS Suzuki is famous in AMA Superbike and Superstock. The racing team MIllenium KWS is able to use any control unit in AMA Superbike and it was found that the Bazzaz Z-Fi is the best choice for the team, even better than stand-alone units that cost twenty times more. In short, the Bazzaz Z-Fi is the best electronic control unit for control and management of the mapping on the market.”

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