About us

Bazzaz: A world of electronics and technology applied to the bikes.

When referring to the electronic management of racing motorcycle Bazzaz is synonymous of Performance. The engineer Ammar Bazzaz comes on the scene of the ‘AMA Superbike in 1997 when the electronic fuel injection on bikes was just started. After working for 6 years at Yoshimura in the research and development department as a race engineer and Mat Mladin have led to the victory of his first 3 AMA Superbike titles in 2003, Ammar Bazzaz decided to found Bazzaz Inc.

Bazzaz born with the clear intent to bring all the knowledge and technology of full electronic handling to the top professional motorcycle racing team and to the impassioned, bolstered by a wealth of experience acquired over the years.

Bazzaz is today a leading company in the design and manufacture of high-performance electronic control units for the motorcycle industry. Designed and industrialized with futuristic technologies, taking advantage of the wealth of experience accumulated on the motorcycle circuits worldwide, aim and strength of the company the continuous improvement of performance and quality standards for motorcycles with electronics.

Electronics applied to motorcycles of modern design improved their performance significantly in recent years. The modern bikes are developed to a level comparable with a Superbike of few years ago.

Bazzaz in recent years has rapidly established itself in the after-market, becoming one of the most famous companies in the world about electronics applied to bikes, due to engineering and design that characterize the products that offer innovative solutions, born by the most advanced technology for the engine management and injection, but extremely simple to use, by a software with an easy to use layout, with technical content definitely advanced.

In the development of new products plays a very important role the cooperation with pilots and technicians engaged in the major leagues motorcycle as the AMA SBK, SS, TT. The track is at the same time test and a source of new requirements for the our Department’s Research and Development.

The great capacity for innovation offers finally to a global market solutions with unbeatable features, often well in advance of the needs of the market and so far allocated only to the Top team.

The Bazzaz Z-Fi technology has never been so accessible: is now available for the consumer market with prices affordable for everyone. The products are not only intended for the market of riders racing at the highest levels, but also to give performance at the right cost to the pilots or to the occasional enthusiasts looking for the best performance from their bike. The ease of use of the software allows anyone to use it, and everyone, with a little experience, can quickly set a Bazzaz product .

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