FAQ – Frequently asked question

I have to add the wheel speed sensors on my bike for the traction control?

No, the Z-Fi TC does not require additional sensors. It is a system that uses the sensors existing on the bike.

Can I map a bike with a Z-Fi on any brand of dyno?

Yes, you can.

The Z-Fi mapper works with any computer?

Yes, of course, simply set the English language from the control panel.

Bazzaz products are covered by warranty?

Bazzaz Italy offers a warranty against manufacturing defects and is able to handle all warranty claims directly with a real proof of purchase Bazzaz. The product warranty is subject to the serial number. Control units not purchased from our sales are not covered by our warranty.

The engine management systems are upgradeable?

No. Each system is pre-programmed and can not be modified to enable additional features.

The map switch on the handlebar is just a maps  switcher?

No, actually you can select the two maps gasoline and change the sensitivity of the traction control.

Technical support is available?

Yes, of course. All clients can directly call Bazzaz Italy, Omnia Racing Ltd. from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 18.00. The customers can contact all workshops and technical centers that are part of the sales network of selected Bazzaz.

Bazzaz does ​​training courses?

Yes, please contact the Omnia Racing Srl. to inquire when and where there will be training for the use of the software and all products Bazzaz. Training sessions are also available at the Portici (Naples) with due dates with customers.

The control units for the Bazzaz quick shifter and / or traction control cut gasoline or ignition?

The Z-Fi QS and Z-Fi TC instantly cut ignition systems and impulse.

I can not install the supplied software, the CD may be damaged?

The installer may not work only if you have not updated your Windows with Microsoft DotNet Framework; just download this update automatically and the program works correctly.

Is possible to switch from a standard to a reverse gear or vice versa?

Yes, you have to buy only the sensor shifter.

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