Z-AFM Self mapper

The optional Z-AFM kit consists of a lambda sensor for the air / fuel mixture and in a control unit which is linkable with all the products Z-Fi, and allows the self-mapping of the motorcycle. Self-mapping means that the rider driving bikes on the track or on a chassis dynamometer, after setting the stoichiometric ratio to be achieved, the Z-AFM automatically calculates the required fuel adjustment at each revolution of the motor and the position of the butterfly valve, to achieve the maximum yield. This adjustment is transferred with a simple “click” after the acquisition. The software to map the Z-Fi allows the user to easily enter the perfect set-up air / fuel and view the self-mapping results. Once the proper adjustments have been reviewed, the user can apply all the adjustment proposed by the Z-AFM or just a certain range with a few simple mouse clicks.

The Z-AFM kit is a modern and alternative mapping system, losing less time and sometimes even without the costs of a custom bank. For clients looking for maximum performance, the set-up on a test bench with the use of the form Z-AFM and then on the track with the acquisition after only 4/5 laps, is the best solution for achieving the maximum result. Tracks with strong altitudinal changes, or on which there is an obligation to use the dbkiller, or tracks with very long and fast straights are just some of the examples where a specific mapping and dedicated to their bikes not only as Configuration exhaust / filter / air-box / motor elaborate but also as extreme conditions, in which the use of a system of self-mapatura creates the difference.

The database maps on the website and the map in each unit is an excellent starting point for good performance, but to get to the Top performance in terms of torque, power and smooth power delivery is always needed to create a real mapping “sewn on” to your engine with the greatest efficiency. For example, for the same bike make / model / year on which it is installed the same exhaust / air filter, the map can always vary, even if minimally, ie the motor can take more or less gasoline and the Z-AFM is the best tool to be able to establish.

For engines on has intervened with radical changes over discharge and suction system which air-box, air filter, air channels, and thus with changes to the compression ratio, or replacement of the camshafts etc, the use of the Z-AFM is a must to get the maximum from the control unit also.

The kit comes with everything you need, and rarely may require modification of the exhaust manifold to enter the lambda sensor where the discharge does not have it, in which case the Bazzaz provides the connection optional steel or titanium. Most of the producers of waste, produce versions of the current collector with the sensor fitting already welded.


Product overview:

  • Plug and Play installation with any of the products of the Z-Fi family .
  • Self-mapping on the track or on the test bench.
  • Allows an alternative way for mapping, saving time and lowering costs.
  • Air / fuel ratio adjustable for maximum performance or fuel economy.
  • complete kit with wiring, control unit and lambda probe*.


*the wideband lambda sensor Bosch offers its best results within 50/60 hours of operation, after which we recommend replacing.

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