Z-Fi MX Off-road Fuel Control

Change the injection to the latest off-road motorcycle and ATV injection is extremely easy .

The Z-Fi Mx, is a control unit equipped with everything you need to fine-tune the bike with aftermarket exhaust, an engine modified, or simply a fine-tuning of the bike to adjust the power output of the circuit according to.

Now in the last Supercross events or ATV recently carried out in the international arena, we found that the carburetor has become prehistoric times and have taken over the sophisticated fuel injected bike. The Bazzaz Z-Fi MX, is the master in the United States and home of the super cross-road in general.

The throttle response is very fast, at any point of delivery there are power sags, and sending the amount of gasoline is optimal at any rpm / throttle position.

Installing an aftermarket exhaust system, or by changing the engine, there is always the need to change the mapping of the ECU.

The Z-Fi MX installs easily, typically less than 30 minutes using simple Plug-&-play technology. Z-Fi MX connects with dedicated wiring for the specific installation on the bike, using the mounting kit equipment.

Simply connect your computer to the Z-fi through a USB cable in order to customize the mapping injection in a few minutes.

General overview:

  • mappings with 432 interpolated points of intervention
  • software easy to read – intuitive and logical
  • complete mapping every 500 rpm intervals at every 10% of TPS
  • ability to insert two maps – optional switch on the handlebars available
  • usb cable connection for fast and unlimited development by the customer
  • supplied with a complete wiring Plug-&-Play easy to install and specifically for each bike
  • csimple instructions and CD instructions included
  • Z-AFM self-mapping system optional for the development of custom maps and specifications

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