Z-Fi TC Fuel management, Quick shift and traction control

La Z-Fi TC (Fuel management, Quick shift and traction control), has all the same features, such as the Z-Fi QS and then the Z-Fi, to which the reading refer to specific pages, with the addition of traction control adjustable by the user. The Z-Fi TC brought the technology of traction control from racing high-end professional levels more accessible, while retaining their excellent technical characteristics. The Z-Fi TC does not require additional sensors to be mounted on the motorcycle, and is completely legal for most of the competitions. Many hours of testing on the track and setup have been used to filter the complex nature of this technology in a simple and intuitive interface to manage with the Z-Fi software. The traction control is based on the TPS throttle position, engine speed RPM and gear GEAR, and is designed to make driving more efficient in all driving conditions or route.

The control unit is supplied with a base map of the sensitivity value equal to 5 according to the number of revolutions and the opening of the throttle valve, and the current cutoff value equal to 5 based on the opening of the throttle valve. The traction control system may have a different calibration of sensitivity for each gear. A wide range of mapping the sensitivity and the cutting current can be created by the user in a simple and cost effective to make more effective the functionality of the Traction Control according to situations and needs.

The sensitivity can be managed even with instant adjustments that can be made with a trimmer on the handlebars adjustable from 0 to +5 and 0 to -5 or OFF position, which makes it even easier to put a quick point. This optional (Trim-switch optional) also has a switch maps that can ‘vary over the map petrol / change even a map traction control more invasive or less invasive.


Description of the general characteristics:

  • The same features of the Z-Fi fuel management.
  • The same functions of the electronic transmission control Z-Fi QS.
  • Advanced technological state of the control of traction for faster lap times lower and lower.
  • Easy to drive to the bike extremely powerful.
  • Increased safety on both dry and wet.
  • Mapping adjustable second opening TPS, RPM, and cutting current.
  • More even wear of the tires.
  • Does not use additional sensors that may be illegal in some competitions.
  • Intuitive software interface for easy tuning.


Main technical characteristics of traction control Bazzaz.

The Traction Control Bazzaz is unique in its kind. It ‘completely indifferent to changes in ratios, measures of the tire and the changes in structure of the chassis. The modern concept of electronics applied to the new bike is fully interpreted by ZFI-TC. The sensitivity of the traction control is fully adjustable throughout the rev range from 0% to 100% throttle opening and 0 rpm up to redline, with values ​​ranging from 0 (no traction control) and 10 (maximum sensitivity).Sensitivity is defined as the level of intervention and hence the speed of intervention itself. The sensitivity can be adjusted with minimum values ​​and have a non-invasive traction control , or high values ​​to act instantly on any mention of loss of grip . The table on the abscissa and the order, allows to have a real mapping of traction control and able to enter values ​​at will dictated by experience and by the conditions of use. Another important factor for the adjustment of the traction control is the level of ” power cut ” that is adjustable with values ​​ranging from 0 to 10 at 12 steps throttle from 0% to 100% , allowing you to vary the level of intervention and then the ” amount of power cut ” progressively on all reels , with a specific wiring Plug & Play , so completely dedicated to each bike. All values ​​entered both cut and sensitivity always have a passage interpolated and then creating a map that gives the greatest feeling of driving with a reaction control of the bike more and more accurate. The traction control is also adjustable on every single run with values ​​from 0 to +5 to -5 to 0 or off position , from 1st to 6th gear.

Each unit is specific for each bike make, model and year and then every hardware is specific to each bike and the factory-set according to the reactions and the characteristics of power delivery and torque of various types of motorcycles. All control units are delivered with an average value equal to 5, both sensitivity cutting. A trimmer optional add-on, to be placed on the left handlebar allows a coarse adjustment of the entire table, shifting values ​​from +5 to -5 up to off.

Systems that rely only on mechanical control / electric-electronic analog, on the speed of the front and rear wheels, representing the past. The complex management of tire sizes of rapportature, buoyancy, the sensors, the floating front wheel acceleration, and many other factors, affect very much the proper functioning of a traction control like that. The development of these systems becomes more universal often long, cumbersome and tricky. Often this type of product they go to interact “with cut and sew” with the original wiring of the bike without ruining possibility of return. While the full electronic management of Bazzaz is a high-tech tool made ​​in the USA and high reliability that is based on precise parameters and always under control, with the aim to give the customer a pre-calibrated and specifically for his bike.

The Bazzaz is pure electronic traction control and management is simple, and the use by the user and enables exciting final results from the very first experiences.

The Bazzaz unit is more than a common control, in fact we could define this spectacular congengno as an advanced management system electronics, which is in the product Z-Fi TC its highest expression, as we can see that this system in a single module additional unable to handle all the electronics of the motorcycle, namely the gasoline injectors ups and downs (all 8), the gearing and traction control.

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